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You’ve come to the right place for authentic product review of Paid Online Surveys. There are hundreds of Web sites that claim you can make money by sitting at home and answering surveys. Many of them are fee based in which you need to pay a fee to register with the promise that you will be contacted to complete surveys and get paid anywhere from $5 to $75. Are there any legit Web sites or businesses that fulfil their promises?

Most online paid survey resources we researched showed us that they were scams and/or not very effective. Based on our research we have compliled a list of highly effective and authentic Paid Survey Web sites, which help their members to make money legitimately.

Our reviews are based on several factors including the following: company reputation, top selling products, web site quality, customer satisfaction, customer service, and of course most importantly the overall results reported by actual customers who are earning money. Our results are compiled mainly from online survey polls from real customers as well as feedback from our highly competent testing squad.


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Hank Williams Sr.: Ramblin’ Man

Hank Williams

Cover of Hank Williams

There are very few musicians that can profoundly touch and evoke emotion within people. It seems that these special people sacrifice themselves for their love of their music and their fans. When this becomes more than their heart can bear, we are left to wonder why they made the ultimate sacrifice. Hank Williams was such a man. A musical martyr whose demons drove him to expose the depths of his soul in his music and to experience the depths of human suffering in his life.

In only 6 short years, Hank Williams produced more music and achieved more success than most men could in a lifetime. A husband and father, performer, composer, musician, and legend, his music still influences performers to this day. Songs such as Move It On Over and Nobody Knows You When Your Down And Out have inspired generations of country, blues, and rock musicians. While many rock fans might not be familiar with Williams’ versions of these songs, they have been covered by the likes of both Eric Clapton and George Thorogood. Continue reading “Hank Williams Sr.: Ramblin’ Man” »